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Wrapping up a decade of experience in one year.
2012 car art calendar 10.28.2011
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Your eyes will sweat.

AutoWeek Magazine teamed-up with Rad Rides and yours truly for an astounding, collectable, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity this past year. Take one of the most trusted titles in automotive news and reviews, add a punch of the baddest shop in the land, and then add the unique style of the little studio that refuses to go away, and put it all in an over-sized calendar featuring some of the coolest new cars for 2012, and you get twelve months of relentless retinal recreation.

It is, without resorting to hyperbole, the best work I've ever created bar none. Sincerely, it's a dozen pieces that I threw my heart, soul and energy into without holding back. Some guys paint a ceiling, I drew a calendar. Awesome indeed.

  gt-r pck style
A calendar, eh?

Better than just another car calendar. Yes, kids... we made it. Over two months of solid work. Long days, longer nights, and then, well, weeks of touch-ups all came down to this:

The most incredible calendar you'll ever hang on a wall (or keep neatly stored in your hope chest, if you're a real fan). Sincerely... this is the best work I've ever put down, period. Once the voting was over, we had a dozen cars to work with, and the ideas started flowing. When the dust and paint and ink and hair settled... we had some art!

The fine folks at AutoWeek put the whole mess into a nifty, oversize package (17-inches wide by a staggering 22-inches tall open!) on beautiful, heavy stock... making it look brilliant.

calendar cover

We were handed a list of cars that won in the online voting, and stared down models like the Nissan GT-R, Cadillac CTS-V coupe, Camaro, Porsche Boxster, Audi R8 Spyder and more... even a Miata. Really. A Rad Rides/PCK Miata? Oh heck yes. It was ON.

As the Rad Rides crew and I threw ideas around, I started reaching into my bag of tricks, and got working on a look and feel that retained my signature style, but took it so much further...

paint scheme drawing

And while I may be somewhat partial, I have to say that I think each and every piece will blow your mind... both in design as well as execution.

back of calendar

It's clean, it's slick, and it's got a whole other level going on. All 12 cars tell a bit of a story, and we'll get into that in a few weeks.

download wallpaper


...and, as if that weren't enough cool stuff, what if you could download wallpaper of the designs and artwork?

From AutoWeek's website:

Autoweek, in partnership with Rad Rides by Troy, created this one-of-a-kind calendar for 2012, featuring the illustrations of Problem Child Kustoms.

In June, Autoweek asked you, its audience members, to pick your 12 favorite vehicles from a selection of American, European and Asian models. The results are showcased in the custom calendar that will be distributed at the 2011 SEMA show.

Not attending SEMA? Download your own wallpaper by selecting an image and choosing a size below.

Read more:

How cool s THAT??! Very cool indeed.

calendar images

There you have it... twelve months of bad-assery, bringing together a decade of hard work on my side, the experience and vision of the greatest rod shop on the planet, and the finesse and backing from AutoWeek. You'll want one when you see it.

Follow along with us here and on our Facebook page as we get a bit deeper into that whole "story" thing, and even look through each image with behind-the-scenes, tutorials and more. It's going to be a fun ride indeed. Thanks to AutoWeek and Rad Rides for the absolutely incredible opportunity, and to you for looking in and supporting this madness...


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