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The road to the Ridler Award: 2013 Detroit AutoRama Great 8 .
2013 detroit autorama great 8 3.8.2013
Filed under Events > The 61st Annual Detroit AutoRama Great 8
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The field is narrowed. Meet 2013's Great 8.

Our man on the scene has kept us well-ahead of the curve, feeding a steady stream of photos from the 2013 Detroit AutoRama... You've been treated to images of cars prior to the show floor opening to the public, and many a shot that only those setting up would be close enough to get.

Keeping this momentum alive, we have, hot in our folder, a glimpse of the Great 8 finalists for 2013. As we mentioned in the 2013 Detroit AutoRama set-up day pictures post, this is one VERY strong year indeed. And the Great 8 field shows this, as well as some pretty wild diversity. From radical show rods to concept car-quality, out-of-the-box thinking and design, this group has it all. Marquee shops to virtual unknowns, this is certainly a year for the record books on a number of levels. That said, let's meet the contestants.

  2013 great 8 detroit
Let's start with a car we may be a little bit partial to, having thrown drawings and designs at as it hit the shop at Rad Rides, Mark Willman's '56 Buick:

great 8 mark willman

Christian Harker's coupe:

great 8 harker

Alan Woodall's Greening-built '65 Corvette:

great 8 woodall

A trick '40 by Cal Creations featuring some HEAVY Bob Thrash design work:

great 8 red 40


A wild '35 Ford owned by John Mayer (check out all of that brightwork by our pals at Advanced Plating!):

great 8 mayer

'Quiksilver', Alan Beers' Hot Rod Garage-built '57 Chevy pickup:

great 8 beers

Ken Seresun's '34 Ford Tudor:

great 8 seresun

...and Buddy Schulz's '72 C-10 by Hot Rod Joe's:

great 8 schulz

And there you have 'em, courtesy of our pal Josh. More soon as we close in on the Ridler.


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