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Exotic Car Event
themed designs our specialty!

When the boys at Luxury4Play gave a shout to pen some art for the Concorso Italiano, I sprang into action like Uncle Enzo on lasagne night.

I wanted something crisp, unique, bold... and somehow very, very Italian. The result? Knick and Rawmean's rides in contrasting black and white, glowing with the colors of Italy. Simple and striking.

It was a rush job, but got a ton of detail, and, as always, was delivered with full, camera-ready, color-separated art. That's how we roll.
  concorso italiano
bubbletop t-shirt  

Product Promotion Tees
mega bold, mega detailed

I love working with the cats at Billet Specialties. Why? Bacause they're good friends, and always fun.

I was turned loose, with only the following instructions:
A bubbletop
A W-motor
Slammed stance

I delivered the image to the left, and threw everything I could at it, detail-wise, and while I had some cartoon-y fun, I stayed true to the product


Robots and Kustoms, Oh My
more than just cars

Max at Bio Kustumz is one of those off-the-wall, well-read people that are so much fun to talk with. His interests go way beyond cars, and we've chatted about philosophy, time travel, venereal disease and many other oddities. When he needed a new t-shirt design to promote his shop, I was all ears.

Max wanted robots. He wanted time-warping, modern but historical, retro-future but still have a story.

I do that kind of thing.

What I came up with sits to the right here... A robot builds his dream kustom, while his partner in crime offers some accessorization, which our metallic pal kindly waves off.

A simple, two-color design that makes the most of negative space and hinted-at detail.
  robot tee
one lap of america  
Event Series Tees
when one event just isn't enough

Last year, I was asked to help out with some artwork to promote the One Lap Camaro team's efforts on the One Lap of America series of events.

Playing with the car, and fitting in the list of events and map, I arrived at a graphically bold design that conveys the non-stop action. While I've never seen the shirt in person, I hear they came out great.

Hit me up for a quote on your next event tee.

Shop Tees
one color to multi-color, we can nail it

DW is one of those rare friends that one is occasionally blessed to know. He shares my affinity for Canadian culture (seeing as he's a native), and his sense of humor and irony are second to none.

When he rang for some one-color t-shirt art featuring a shop scene, I dove in. The scene is remarkably detailed, with tons of tools and hidden gems, but my favorite part was the tag line under the chest logo. This guy just gets it... the name of the game is "fun"

  shop scene
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