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Love Muscle Van
as seen in Truckin' Magazine January 2010

I was having a chat with my pal Zane (from Cotati Speed Shop), and conversation turned to MOPAR powerplants, then to Street Machine of the Year ideas... and soon, we were throwing the most bizarre ideas around for contender material. Having a soft-spot for vans, things naturally got funky, and soon, I was doodling a Tradesman concept, complete with a mid-mounted Viper V-10.

Of course, I took to the body like a crazed axe-man, and soon had a shortened, chopped, sectioned, channeled, wide-fendered monster peering at me. The whole idea is fairly straight-forward, and there are more than a few subtle things going on to balance the wilder elements. Who wouldn't want to see this flying around the autocross, versus another cookie-cutter ride?
  custom van
1955 chevy  
Project XBOX
A dual-purpose monster

I've had the pleasure of calling Denny Terzich a friend for a few years now, and had the equal pleasure of working on a few projects with him during that time.

Our latest team effort is this '55 Chevy 210, two-door sedan. It's a dual-purpose car that will feature a Morrison chassis, with the ability to quickly swap the three-link, pro-touring set-up for a drag race-friendly 4-link, and is certain to become one of the wildest Tri-Five street machines on the planet.

Denny and the boys let me loose with the mild, angled top chop and slanted B-pillars, and we threw the rest of the book at this beast with extended rockers, widened grille shell, enlarged wheel openings, rear diffusers, and much, much more.

The extremely modified LS-based powerplant will pull some enormous numbers, while still offering that trademark ProRides streetability.

as seen in Rod & Custom Magazine January 2009

Certainly one of the coolest projects I've been a part of, I was honored to collaborate with three artists I admire and am fortunate to call friends as Jimmy Smith, Jeff Norwell, Eric Black and I each worked with two of our professional builder/clients to sketch up THEIR dream cars. To say that this was a blast wouldn't begin to describe the creativity that ran amuck.

The ironic part was that I had deliberately chosen two clients with VERY different styles, and they both threw me a curve ball when they chose very similar cars (but designed in very different ways). Zane's '56 DeSoto here was a fun, challenging piece, as he and I decided to go at the car in a very traditional fashion, and use only parts and pieces available in 1956.

Starting with the chop, we chose Packard tail lamps mounted end-to-end in Buick housings, some sculpting around the modified grille opening, and some tasty, classy scallops. It's loaded with mild touches, and is certainly one of my all-time favorite pieces... Add to that the actual car which Zane owns (and which we created the drawings for) appeared in American Graffitti, could it get any cooler than that?
  model A pickup
beach hearse  
Re-purposing an old ride for new fun

Having grown a bit bored with the typical Hearse-based ride, I couldn't bear to doodle another black with skulls/flames/spiderwebs/whatever... And decided that such a dark car needed some sunlight.

Thus, a '63 Miller-Meteor Caddy Hearse got a few beach-friendly changes, including a roll-back soft-top insert, and killer wood panels on the flanks.

The slammed stance comes courtesy of 'bags and a hefty channel, and a coat of bright orange pearl dances in the sunlight across those acres of sharp and slightly-rounded corners and sweeping dips. Narrowed bumpers clean up the loose ends, and the ample interior space allows for moving a ton of friends, and when it's only you and a passenger, the top can be closed, and your boards locked inside.

a facelift for a friend

My good friend Sam and I have some storied history... We did time in the corporate trenches (yep... when I wore a necktie to work in a *gasp* cubicle), and have remained friends for years. He's the kind of guy who goes after what he wants, car-wise, and he's owned an impressive catalog of cool rides, one of the latest being this '65 Chevy pick-up.

He scooped up the truck at a Goodguys event, and with the chassis work done, the body still retained picture-perfect Southern California patina...However cool, my boy was looking to create a show-finished machine, and gave me a yell to throw down some ideas.

Rather than lose a great personality and change the whole thing for the sake of it, I opted for subtlety. An almost-stock color (with the addition of some olive toner), a subtle panel paint around the trim, some striping, and assorted color-blocking techniques and minor trim adjustments, it's a clean, deceptively simple truck. The interior will look near stock as well, and it'll be used on the street heavily. Amen.
  model A pickup
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