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Why choose Problem Child Kustoms Studio?

Simply put, it boils down to "bang-for-the-buck", and we feel that our work is second to none.

Our main focus is a quality rendering that can be used to guide your build team, loaded with detail and notes. We have been told that our renderings serve many purposes for many clients, the most common as a guide in planning a project, as a fine art piece they proudly display in their homes and offices, commonly as a preliminary visual when seeking sponsorship, and often for creating t-shirts and more. Our decision to create all final work in a scalable digital format means that, if need be, our work can be transferred to a variety of media (color separations for a t-shirt? No problem. Try that with pen and ink or a pixel-based photo-collage) or even scaled to life-size or beyond with NO LOSS IN IMAGE QUALITY. We've taken the artform to a new level, and offer a finished rendering that has the hand-drawn qualities of the original pencil drawing, but with the flexibility and cross-platform use of a digital artwork. Simply put, you'll save hundreds, if not thousands by choosing our work to begin with, and that leaves more in the budget for the project itself.

We invite you to shop around, then compare our services and work, feature-to-feature, as well as dollar-for-dollar, and we're certain you'll agree that there is no one else who can offer all that we do, with the knowledge that we bring to every project. The Studio was built over ten years, and it's not another "Johnny-Come-Lately" outfit where I do this in parents' basement at night, it's a full-time gig based upon over TWENTY YEARS experience in the field working on ACTUAL CARS, not just opening some software and filtering away. This is true custom car design at its core.

You can hire an artist for your job, but will this person know your car inside and out? Will you waste time explaining what "nosed" or "channeled" means? Simply having a designer often means hiring an artist as well. What if you could have both... in one person?

I know cars. I know all genres of cars, from hot rods to customs, pro-touring and race cars to lifted trucks, I am passionate about them. I can design any vehicle, in any style, and bring this knowledge of each genre to the design table. What's it mean to you? It means never having to settle for the same old trendy "hot at the moment" ideas. I can reach across genres, and pull in fresh ideas, and even fresher combinations of ideas, to tailor your project to your likes and needs, and present a design that is eye-popping, unique, and never, ever trendy. It also means that my experience in actually building cars, and relationships with those who do, as well, will bring you a design that CAN BE BUILT, not some pie-in-the-sky fantasy that blows your budget before primer. I'll concentrate on and draw what you or your team are capable of building.

My schooling in Fine Art and Graphic Design, as well as professional experience in these fields (as well as Web Design) mean TREMENDOUS value for you. I can create artwork, a website, and even print materials and apparel artwork for your project or business. Think of Studio PCK as your one-stop shop for all of your needs. Having the automotive as well as technical knowledge and skill places my work in a league of its own, and saves you valuable leg work, translating into more time for your project, as well as a life beyond it!

Consider my professional experience in automotive parts, service and body shop, as well. I have the practical, hands-on knowledge to not only design and draw your project, but the ability to design it around the correct parts, and offer the part numbers and availabilty when asked to do so. It's one more time and money-saving aspect of my services that you just won't find from your forum buddy with "Photochopping" skills. Building a car is serious business, and your designer, as well as the project's visual guide should be as well. Investing wisely in the DESIGN will mean huge dividends when building, enjoying, or even profiting from your project.

The "Added Value" of Studio PCK

We get to know you and your project. If you have questions, we'll answer them. If we don't immediately have the answer, we'll get you with somone who does. We'll ensure that your car, truck, website and so-on is just what you wanted, and that it's not a cookie-cutter ride, or worse, a re-hashed version of someone else's... We don't go into a restaurant, and expect to get a portion leftover from a previous patron, nor should you expect leftover work or concepts. We're here to serve you, not just throw our name and logo all over the place.

We have enjoyed the good fortune of having our work in some of the top publications in the industry (Hot Rod, Popular Hot Rodding, Rod and Custom Magazine, Truckin', etc), and have made many friends along the way. This is especially helpful when you're seeking coverage to gain sponsorship, media coverage, or increase project/product awareness. Our work is eye-catching, and can create the buzz you're after. Our work gets exposure because of its quality, not because we pay to place a PR blurb, or because we work for the magazines. Not having to buy our way in ensures honest exposure, and allows us to stay true to the project, not just creating a vehicle to spotlight a product.

We offer a range of services that make the most of our abilities, and can tie a number of projects together for a cohesive branding effort. From logo and t-shirt design, to full-blown websites and corporate ID, we are a one-stop shop for all of your needs. We can brand your campaign, and tie all of your marketing collateral with a tight, focused look that will destroy the competition. No one else in the field can offer what we can, at a level of quality that even compares. We place the same focus on print and web design that we do on vehicle renderings: The highest possible quality product, tailored to the individual client, at a fair price.

There is no confusing our work with that of another studio. Our work has a unique look, feel and approach that is truly unique in style and execution. We create work that reflects a shared vision between artist and client. In other words, anyone can draw/photo-collage a car... We create a vision of the car that is dynamic, vibrant and exciting. It is art. Our Trademarked style ensures that you receive a one-off piece that is uniquely yours, and will inspire that all-important "WOW! factor" in everyone you choose to show the work to.

How does it work?

The approach with project design is to first get to know you, what your likes and dislikes are, personality and taste, and above all, what you have in mind for your project. From here, we can compile a list of features that we'll incorporate into the car, adding items where desired or dictated by aesthetics, removing the excess items that detract from the image desired, and working up some comps. Once a look is found that just "works", we'll render up a final draft, and set you in motion!

It doesn't stop there, though...
We'll be on hand to help guide your fabricators on the finer details, and even continue with future changes you may want for your ride... Just let us know, and we'll be glad to consult with you during the build!

Our knowledge and reference library of classic cars and hot rods and customs places us in the unique category of consulting and researching vehicles for restoration, as well. We can assist you in documentation of your project, and offer you information on proper date, paint and trim codes, as well as technical specifications and parts interchange. Consider us your one-stop information warehouse.

If this is your first restoration or resto-mod project, we can help lessen your stress by supplying project management services, as well. We'll not only assist in creating a timeline for the project, but help you lay out a budget, arrange parts and accessories inventory, and assist in finding the right shops for your project. Let our experience save you some common pitfalls, and make the experience a memorable and enjoyable one. After all, the point of this hobby is enjoying your project. We'll work to make it happen smoothly.

Pricing on renderings varies (dependent on any number of factors, including number of views, complexity, degree of detail, etc)... Pricing can be estimated by contacting us with some details of what you'd like.

In a case where one is seeking sponsorship for a project car, show or race vehicle, this is often the best investment you can make, considering that any potential sponsor will want to see what it is that you have in mind. Get in touch with us, and we'll get a feel for what you'd like.

For logo design, our approach is simple:
Get to know our client, and tailor the logo to suit their personality, as well as the target audience. We take logo design very seriously, and our finished product is often just what our clients had in mind. We offer business form/card layout as well.

Graphic design, illustration and t-shirt design are more facets of our services, and we pride ourselves on a bold, unique look that never seems trendy or dated. Again, every piece is tailored to our individual client's personality. Rates are available simply by contacting us and asking for a price guide. Our rates are competitive, and our service is second to none.

...and just when you thought we do enough stuff, consider that we also design, code, create and maintain web sites! From a simple information page, to a full-blown, media-rich haven, no job is too big or small. As always, please contact us for rates.

Again, thanks for checking us out, and we look forward to serving you in the future!

Enjoy the site, and be sure to let us know what you think.

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