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Article and blog archives from Studio PCK. The best reason for literacy since, well, EVER.
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empire state building 2013 detroit autorama photos tv reveal
PCK in NY! Detroit AutoRama Giving Back

The Problem Child takes Manhattan
courtesy of Dodge, and the Drive the
Redline Contest! Help me land a gig
writing for Dodge...

The first look at a nifty
tri-five two-door sedan
that has some lofty goals
and mad skill behind it.
Having the opportunity to work
with some great friends on a
project Mustang for a true
American hero...


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how to draw cars now in the details custom car art
How to Draw Cars It's in the Details Time Machines

We get the lowdown on Arv's
incredible instructional DVD course,
and explain how you can use it to
gain the skills needed to succeed.

Walking that fine line
between obsessive-compulsive
and detail-minded evil genius.
We run along the slippery slope.

How I got over the whole
traditional versus nostalgia crap,
grew up, and just embraced
the whole car thing.

learn how to draw cars 55 chevy rendering i draw cars
Learn to Draw! 55 Chevy Project Life Lessons

Learn how to sketch a hot rod
rendering the Studio PCK way!
We teach you the basics, and draw
a hot deuce three-window!

The first look at a nifty
tri-five two-door sedan
that has some lofty goals
and mad skill behind it.

Or: Everything I needed to
know about life, I learned
in a shop, four letter word
by four letter word.

Older Articles

valentines specialOne is the Freakiest Number...
spaceroriginally published 2.13.2013 archive rule
...celebrating the fine art of soul-crushing loive, lust and defeat... ...all by yourself doesn't have to mean lonliness

an illustrated calendar12 Months of Awesome...
spaceroriginally published 10.28.2011 archive rule
...illustrating a dozen new cars as hot rods with the baddest shop in the land ... ...the AutoWeek Magazine/Rad Rides by Troy project

boss 302 book by donald farrMustang Boss 302 book review...
spaceroriginally published 10.26.2011 archive rule
...we review Donald Farr's look at the legendary Boss 302, the car's history, and rebirth for 2012... ...get the facts and save a few bucks

supercharged denaliInterview...
spaceroriginally published 3.28.2011 archive rule
...We sit and throw a bunch of questions at Robbie from Pacific Coast Customs, and talk zombies, tacos and other stuff... ...20 questions

the mighty a-tonaThink Fast...
spaceroriginally published 3.23.2011 archive rule
...looking back at the things that inspire a car guy, and how those early inspirations lead some to draw and design hot rods and custom cars, while others build, some collect, and all seem to enjoy them... ...Hot rod art and inspiration

truck renderingNew Work...
spaceroriginally published 2.1.2011 archive rule
...from renderings to print and web stuff, apparel and everything else in between, we've cranked out some neat-o stuff lately. And we'll share a few peeks here, simply because we're givers like that... ...New designs and more

spaceroriginally published 1.29.2011 archive rule
...a chance find of some old Street Machine Nat's goodies sparks memories, and sparks visions of a disaster 400 years in the future... and we offer to sell them to you. WTF?! ...figure it all out for yourself

1950 merury custom1950 Mercury Custom-Touring...
spaceroriginally published 1.29.2011 archive rule
...We catch up with Josephine, the coolest style-bending 1950 Merc to roll out of the Bay Area in a number of years, and track her coverage so far, from shop floor ro SEMA starlet... craftsmanship meets attitude

contest cultureContest Culture...
spaceroriginally published 1.27.2011 archive rule
...and the secrets to becoming a successful automotive designer and hot rod artist. And we launch the reverse contest... ...Win big here

contest cultureRockstar Lifestyle...
spaceroriginally published 11.1.2010 archive rule the high life of an international hot rod designer. Broken plans, ruined health, and loss of self esteem... ...I draw cars

grand prix racing60Years of Grand Prix...
spaceroriginally published 9.30.2010 archive rule a lot to fit into one volume, and this book does it brilliantly. With huge amounts of information, great photos, tons of specs, stats, insightful sidebars, well, it's an amazing book that will be appreciated by all whom you allow near it... ...Grand Prix history

legendary corvettesLegendary Corvettes...
spaceroriginally published 9.7.2010 archive rule
....'Vettes Made Famous on Track and Screen hit the Studio this week, and we're absolutely hooked on this one... Written by Randy Leffingwell, and featuring some absolutely stunning photography by Dave Wendt, this is certainly a must-have ... ...legendary fiberglass

c2zr1Corvette Week...
spaceroriginally published 8.29.2010 archive rule
...just sorta crept up, and became the running theme in the Studio, with the C2ZR1 making a debut in Carlisle, some new 'Vette books and more... ...corvette madness

bmx t-shirtHot Rods and BMX...
spaceroriginally published 8.1.2010 archive rule
...go together like Keith Black and Hemi, like Road and Track, and like old guys wheezing and racing bikes. What? Yes, it's the Second Annual Hot Rod Industry... ...bmx racing and hot rods

event artworkSome new art...
spaceroriginally published 7.16.2010 archive rule
...from hot rod design and renderings to t-shirt art, graphic and web design, it's been busy here, and we thought we'd share some of the latest with you... rod art and design

street rodder tour carRubber Meets the Road...
spaceroriginally published 6.19.2010 archive rule the 2010 Amsoil/Street Rodder Magazine Road Tour car leaves the shop and hits the nationwide tour schedule... ...tour car is finished

hot rod t-shirtNew Tees...
spaceroriginally published 6.10.2010 archive rule
...are in stock, and we have a limited number remaining of our Art Ragz line, a low-priced but way-cool, 3-color tee that perfect for working in the shop... rod t-shirts

fuel magazineInternational Flavor...
spaceroriginally published 6.3.2010 archive rule way of Australia's Fuel Magazine! We were honored with an artist' profile and interview in the killer magazine, and sneak a peek at the amazing fourth issue... rod art feature

custom car ideasCustom Car Ideas...
spaceroriginally published 6.1.2010 archive rule
...can often be elusive, or worse, hard to organize when you've collected a few hundred reference photos. Fear not, Motorbooks has you covered again... ...custom car ideas book

hot rod web designGoodies...
spaceroriginally published 5.6.2010 archive rule
...and all sorts of cool work, too! We take a quick look at the hot rod art, design and new social pages pouring out of the studio... ...see more t-shirt, web and hot rod design work

barn find zephyrBarn finds...
spaceroriginally published 4.2.2010 archive rule
...and hidden gems, along with the stories behind them are the oder of the day in Tom Cotter's book, The Cobra in the Barn, and we give it a read... ...more rare cars and lost treasures here

street machineBuild a Killer Street Machine...
spaceroriginally published 3.25.2010 archive rule
...with this great new Motorbooks title from author Jeffereson Bryant. It's a modern look at the build and project planning process... ...plan and build your street machine here

corvette referenceThird-gen 'Vette book...
spaceroriginally published 3.19.2010 archive rule
...makes its way into the main reference library in the Studio, and man, is this thing LOADED with information, photos and awesome reference... ...more Corvette reference material here

ikick 501iKick. It certainly does...
spaceroriginally published 3.18.2010 archive rule
...and we're absolutely stoked to have this monster punding away in the Studio, thanks to our good friends at Kicker... ...get an in-depth look at the iKick 501 here

motorbooks reference guideChallenger and 'Cuda, 1970-74...
spaceroriginally published 3.14.2010 archive rule
...looking between the covers of Jim Schild's comprehensive and amazingly useful reference guide to Barracuda and Challengers fro '70-'74... ...check out the complete book review here

custom t-shirt designQuick Studio Update...
spaceroriginally published 3.5.2010 archive rule
...with a magazine cover car, artwork sightings, in-progress projects, the Ridler Award, a fresh newsletter and more... ...more new projects and sightings here

grand national roadster showA Grand time in Pomona...
spaceroriginally published 2.1.2010 archive rule we strolled the buildings and outdoor show at the 61st Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona this past weekend... ...more from the 61st GNRS

design renderingThe Nomad-ness continues...
spaceroriginally published 1.25.2010 archive rule
...with a neat sneak-peek at a killer 1955 Chevy Nomad currently under construction. From design to completion, we'll keep you posted on this bithin' Tri-Five ... ...check out the fabrication here

timeslipChasing 9's in 2010...
spaceroriginally published 1.5.2010 archive rule
...and Blake's first-gen Firebird is well on the way! Starting the year with a low 10-second blast right out of the garage, things are looking good... ...more racing and updates here

custom vanLooking Back on '09...
spaceroriginally published 12.17.2009 archive rule
...and giving a huge thank you to all who helped to make it a year full of great projects, and looking towards a much better 2010 for our industry... ...more from the year in review here

motion performanceMuscle in Motion...
spaceroriginally published 10.10.2009 archive rule we review Martyn Schorr's chronicle of the Motion Performance legacy, a mind-bending trip through performance car history indeed... ...get a musclecar history lesson here

hot rod designerHiring a hot rod designer...
spaceroriginally published 9.28.2009 archive rule
...doesn't have to be difficult or confusing. We take a look at five tips that will help you find the right designer to start your project off right... ...learn some valuable tips here

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