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The 2013 NY International Auto Show with Redline Dodge: The Problem Child Takes Manhattan.
2013 detroit autorama great 8 3.26.2013
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If it was good enough for the Muppets, it will do fine for me.

Heck, it's been good enough for a lot of things, really... From captains of industry to superheroes to the annual ball drop, the city that never sleeps has been the setting and backdrop to many a colorful event and character. And, not since Terri Susan Smith asked the fateful question What's in the basket?* has this town seen anything like me. Well, minus the rampaging and whatnot. Or the basket. But certainly not the cheesey visuals and one-liners.

I'm here for a few days, as one of the five finalists in the Dodge Drive the Redline contest, with a shot to run the blog for six months, and attend some great Dodge-sponsored events! Could there be a better way to spend a few days? I submit that there coulod not, and I'll supply some photographic and written proof here as time allows. It will be like being in NY with me. Assuming that we were disembodied voices trapped in photographs and short video clips.

A little background on just why in the heck the folks at Redline Dodge have sent my monkey self to NY:

A little while back, I had entered a contest on Redline Dodge (the Official Blog of Dodge), seeking my shot to write for the great folks there, win some cool prizes, and, as you already know from that opening paragraph, fly to NY, attend the 2013 International Auto Show, hang with some great people, and film a walk-around of a car, all in the name of showing some brand knowledge, and hopefully nailing the shot of a lifetime to pursue this writing thing I enjoy so much. I mean, seriously... Can you imagine being able to write for that blog? They have some serious names dropping great columns, and to share some of the passion with an even larger audience? I'm just stoked to be at this point.

great 8 woodall

Following a trek via two planes, two cities, and unfortunately snoring loudly enough on the second leg of the trip to warrant another passengers' poke in my arm, I hit NY, where Ivan, courtesy of Dodge, scooped me up in a Chrysler 300 limo...

Ivan and I cruised through the tunnel, and hit Manhattan like, well, a cool Russian limo driver, and a Polack riding in the back, asking stupid questions.


Upon arrival, it was clear that the Dodge folks weren't fooling around. The hotel room is amazing:

flatiron room

I mean, really... a TV in the bathroom mirror? I watched SpongeBob while I sponged, um... Let's leave it at that.

mirror tv

There's nothing like cruising Times Square in a limo, if you like that kind of attention... I think I took as many photos of people in cabs as they did all of us. Oddly sublime? Certainly. I did NY my way.

times square by limo

...even cruised by Madison Square Garden, where I quoted Jay-Z. ...and continued to expand my 'shirtless walk-around' theory, making a few valid points for it this time. Then spent time in self-imposed silence.

madison square garden


A trip to NY without eating wouldn't be a trip at all... and once again, our hosts out-did themselves. A shot of one of the appetizers we took part in at Zio:


One day, I'll do marrow like this again, but with a beer! Seriously... that would be a great pairing. Call Ramsay. Let him know.

da moon

If you pardon the mostly-blurry, phone shot above, it's the moon in Manhattan. We strolled back to the hotel from dinner, anjoying a cool, but comfortable walk, and simply enjoying the city. If you've never just walked around Manhattan, you should.

Tomorrow, we hit the New York International Auto Show, and get a peek at the goodies... Much more to follow, and stay tuned as we edge closer to the filming of my walk-around, and the final stage of the Drive the Redline contest... I'll get the links over and the info as well...and look for some pis tomorrow, following the day's events...


Walked the floor of the 2013 NY Internatonal Auto Show today, and saw and took part in a bunch of great things (I'll post my Jeep Rubicon ride-along video when I get back to the Studio)... Speaking of Jeep, I attended the unveiling of the all-new Jeep Cherokee, and it was a blast... seeing that thing navigate the 'rocky' stage was very cool, especially after riding in the new breed of Jeep earlier that morning:

2014 jeep cherokee reveal

...and let's not forget the killer SRT Viper TA:

2014 srt viper ta

...or the Charger Daytona:

charger daytona

And here's the video walk-around of the Durango. It's cut quite short, and sadly doesn't show a number of points that were made, but will touch on later on, including the customizable instrument cluster. Yes, you can select from 100 different layouts. With the touch of a button. Tell me that doesn't have some serious inspiration going on. Anyway, here's my walk-around:

The voting is open, and you can help to put me behind the wheel of the REDLINE blog by simply heading here:

As always, your support and help in sharing this and making it happen are GREATLY appreciated! I believe this could be a huge opportunity, not only for me, but for bringing a hot rodder and passionate, all-around car guy to a large audience, and in turn, bringing an even bigger audience back to the art, design, and fun of what we all do.

Again, thank you for the time, conisderation and support!

*bonus points if you immediately caught that Basket Case reference.


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