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Full-On Color and Detail
when detail and fun are required

This year, the team hit us up for
another tee, and we threw the book at it,
going for an action shot, coupled with
a heavy comic book influence.

The trick was getting the details right,
and making sure that sponsors were
properly represented... not an
easy task, but oh-so worth it.

Full illustration and color separations
completed in-house, as always!
  one lap 2011
r-b tee  
Two Colors, Big Results
limited budget doesn't mean limited creativity

Nothing beats some creative freedom!

The rules were simple:
Limited budget meant only two colors,
and it should include the owner's two
cars, one of which just happens to be
the Rad Rides-built Pro Box!

I used the company's retro sign-style
logo, and created a time-warp theme,
Balancing the blue and white off the black
tee, creating a high-impact design
that packed a ton of detail without
looking busy or flat.

Give us a shout, and we'll put
our creativity to work for you, too.

Project Tees
promote what you're working on

Dan gave us a callll to create a tee, hoping
to get the word out that he had a shop
full of pro-touring Camaros.

Our approach was to capture not only the
cars, but the racing feel in his shop name,
as well as some North Carolina trees
to set the mood.

Proof that a huge impact can be made
with only a few colors.
  camaro t-shirt
custom van shirt  
Hot Rod/BMX Challenge 3
one-color event art

Looking for one-color t-shirt art that
will have HUGE impact?

We have this down to a science.

With detail that has has no rival, and
designs that pack a big punch,
we can make the most of your one-color
tees, and deliver outstanding artwork
that will be the center of attention.

On this tee, we went for a full-on retro
feel, bringing vans and BMX into the
mix with a heavy '70's feel in the logo
as well as the endless line graphic.

Shop Promotion
full branded apparel lines a specialty!

We created an entire branded apparel line
for Strange Motion Rod & Custom Construction,
and can do the same for you!

Having a variety of tees available for your
clients and customers is a great idea to
boost sales, and increase visibility.

We created a series of designs that runs
from retro to modern, and utilized
Strange Motion's color scheme to
keep everything uniform, but unique.

Give us a call to get a quote on
a unique design, complete from
concept to color separations!

Whether the budget is big or smalll,
we can find a solution for you.
  strange motion t-shirts
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