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Love Muscle
originally seen in Truckin' Magazine, January 2010

One day, conversation turned to MOPAR powerplants, then to Street Machine of the Year ideas... and soon, we were throwing the most bizarre ideas around for contender material.

Having a soft-spot for vans, things naturally got funky, and soon, I was doodling a Tradesman concept, complete with a mid-mounted Viper V-10.

Of course, I took to the body like a crazed axe-man, and soon had a shortened, chopped, sectioned, channeled, wide-fendered monster peering at me. The whole idea is fairly straight-forward, and there are more than a few subtle things going on to balance the wilder elements. Who wouldn't want to see this flying around the autocross, versus another cookie-cutter ride?!

18 x 24-inch
80 lb. coated cover stock
Bold colors
Absolutely stunning finish
Signed by the artist upon request
please allow 2 weeks delivery time
(web address DOES NOT appear on print)

$19.00/ea + shipping

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