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Check out some of our latest work, published in these great magazines, trade papers and websites. Look for more soon!


search and restore tv 2011

I was given the unique and distinguished honor of creating the design artwork for Build 4 of Tim Strange's Powerblock TV show, Search and Restore on Spike TV. I created the drawing, and even got an opportunity to give the car's owner a little memento... Be sure to catch this build, starting Saturday, September 24, 2011 on Spike!


rod and custom september 2011

Josephine, Knick's incredible '50 Merc project nails the cover and a huge spread in the new R-n-C, in BARE METAL! Currently hitting the body work phase at Cotati Speed Shop under the watchful eye of orur good friend Zane Cullen, you may recognize the car from last year's SEMA Show floor. Thanks to Rob for the kind words, and dig the sneak-peek on the interior design, penned by yours truly. This marks the fourth project I've designed to grab cover ink in bare steel over the past year!


street trucks october 2011

street trucks crew cab

Check out Street Trucks for a quick peek at Dave Neal's latest, a '68 GMC crew cab that I've had a blast designing with Dave! Literally hundreds of tricks were throw at this thing, and it's looking to be a stand-out for SEMA!


street trucks september 2011

The OEM Terror Denali is getting wrapped-up, and Robbie at Pacific Coast Customs threw the first stab at the new paint rendering in for good measure...
Look for this monster to nail SEMA in November!


street rodder september 2011

Check out the September Street Rodder Magazine for a full-page rendering! I created a modern/throwback "Street Cruiser" '61 Cadillac CTS-V... Fully-detailed, and loaded with some cool visuals, I think you'll dig this piece. I was stoked to be a part of this ambitious project, alongside some of the best artistic and design talent in the industry. ...and dig the shot of the Cotati-built, Studio-PCK penned Starliner in the article, as well!


phr august 2011

My work was selected to be a featured "Genius Gallery" this Summer on, which is a portfolio community featuring some of the most talented graphic artists and designers in the industry. Simply being a part of this community is a great honor, and being selected as a featured member is outstanding indeed! Hug thanks to the team at Coroflot!


phr august 2011

Check out the lastest Popular Hot Rodding Magazine, and get a preview of some of the hottest project cars for the coming year. We're stoked that our artwork for George Poteet's Torino hit the cover, and what's even cooler is the real car! It's seen a few details modified since the sketches were made, and couldn't be more excited to see this monster hit paint, final assembly, and the road! On pages 26 and 27, you get a shop-view image at Rad Rides, and we're even more stoked to say that three cars in that image have been on our drawing board. Good times indeed!

53DELUXE.COM, JULY 23, 2011

53deluxe feature

Todd was kind enough to give me a shout to feature my work on his incredible site, as part of his featureed artists series! Way cool indeed, and an honor to be a part of his fantastic collection of supremely talented artists and photographers!


phr june 2011

The June issue of PHR hit, and with it, a sketchpad collection of overlooked project cars. The "Zero to Hero" piece checks out a variety of different project car ideas, all with the theme of being "different". You can catch our AMC Hornet, a pro-touring and road racing monster, as well as a street machine/funny car based on a '63 Savoy. An awesome collection from some well-known artists awaits, and it's a great tour de force of killer ideas indeed... and be sure to check out the rendering and intro for Denny Terzichs' latest project XBOX, a killer custom-touring shoebox Chevy, which we were honored to design and draw!


powerblock may 2011

Tim Strange used one of my old drawings for some inspiration on Build 2 of Search and Restore on Powerblock TV (Spike). The team went with a loose silver graphic on a black and red color combo for the '94 GMC... HUGE thanks to our good friend Tim for putting his mug right up against the art for a more-than subtle TV plug! Awesome!


new york times

MTK's Merc, sketched and finessed here, and built by Zane and his crew at Cotati Speed Shop hit the Ford display at SEMA, and even the New York Times jumped on coverage. Look for a lot more on this retro/future/insutrial Touring/Kustom soon!


street rodder magazine how to build a street rod

The Amsoil/Street Rodder Magazine 2010 Road Tour car leads the way in this annual how-to guide. Featuring the build of the car, from concept art to finished, ground-pounding reacher, it's all here, ready to be learned from!


street rodder magazine september 2010

The Amsoil/Street Rodder Magazine 2010 Road Tour car hits the road, and this month highlights the build phase once again... in the name of a track nose, and forming a custom wood buck. The gang at Cotati Speed Shop (dig on Zane's perfect hair on the cover. Reason enough to buy the mag, and say "Wow, that Zane sure has a full head of hair for a Hall of Famer".) The immensely talented Clay Cook spent some time at Cotati, and the ever pesent and keen eye of our pal Mike Chase caught the action. Wait'll you see the feature... or better yet, get out and see the bitchin' blue peek-up!


fuel magazine number 4

The mighty Studio grabs a mouthful of international flavor this time around with a killer artist feature in Australia's Fuel Magazine! Published three times per year, it's more a collectible hot rod book than just another 'zine, and it's beyond special in so many ways to have even been considered. Grab a copy at, and, what the Hell, grab a few extras and help spread the word!


street rodder magazine may 2010

The updates on the Amsoil/Street Rodder Road Tour 2010 car continue, with the Shadow Rods XL27 body and Smeding Performance 427 Windsor being delivered to our good friend Zane Cullen and the crew at Cotati Speed Shop. Follow the engine/trans install, as well as an exhaust, shifter and Vintage Air, too! There's a great sidebar piece as well by our friend and legendary photographer, the one and only Mike Chase! Learn some Cotati history, and grab a better understanding of what it means to be truy "Zanal"...


hot rod magazine may 2010

The new issue has some (as always) great features, and we're stoked to be included in the 20+ Hot Projects piece, which takes a peek at some of the most inspirational new projects from around the country. You get an update on the "Sick Seconds" '69 Camaro build, as well as a peek at two in-progress pieces I've penned for the great folks at Rad Rides ('62 Bubbletop and a '56 Buick!). Keep a sharp eye out as Denny's Camaro hits the pavement under its own power (2,000+ HP, that is) for the first time in the next few weeks, and attempts to be the first Drag Week contestant to run in the 6's.... as well as some updates on the killer cars at Rad Rides by Troy...


world of rods may 2010

How cool is THIS?! Way back when World of Rods was just a glimmer in the eye of its publisher, we were one of the first to advertise in the book, and it's certainly been through some changes, growing into a very serious book, covering all aspects of the hobby, and even beginning to fill the Custom Rodder gap in some ways, thanks to the efforts of Courtney Hallowell.
This issue, Resilience grabs the cover (with a pair of Circle City hot rods and local boy Craig Smith's Liberace Roadster!), and we're just stoked about the article and David Featherston's killer photography! Huge congrats to our build team of Tim and Carrie Strange, Shawn Ray, David Neal, and, of course, our great friends and prolific car owners, Erik and Paul Hansen! Viva la Resilience...


street rodder magazine april 2010

The build of the 2010 Street Rodder Magazine Road Tour car continues... To say that we're stoked and appreciate the tremendous opportunity to have designed the car with the amazingly talented Zane Cullen of Cotati Speed Shop is an understatement! Check in this month as the body construction gets a once-over, and we take a long look at the incredible Shadow Rods body...


street rodder march 2010

street rod rendering

We're hitting an almost monthly stride in the big magazine, with a HUGE debt of thanks to Tim Foss, Tim Bernasau, Brian Brennan, and GNRS Hall of Famer Zane Cullen... with the 2010 Street Rodder Road Tour Car. Watch for updates as the car comes together...


rod and custom march 2010

Check out the coverage of the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular, and help us celebrate Resilience scooping up not only the KKOA 777 Crown Award ("America's Top Kustom"), but also the Eleden Titus Memorial Design Award! A good year for the copper-colored Buick...


ahwooga february 2010

The great guys over at were kind enough to throw us a bone in their newsletter this week, as well as some awesome praise! Way cool, and so is Ahwooga! If you're looking to sell, buy, trade, whatever... the site is for you! Think of it as an online swap meet gone haywire, but clean, organized and loaded to the gills with great finds. Thanks again, guys...


street rodder february 2010

It's a triple-shot of coverage in this month's Street Rodder Magazine... Starting off with the 2010 Tour Car kick-off, you can check out what Zane and I concocted using one of Shadow Rods' killer stretched T bodies (on deuce rails, of course)... There will be more to come on that track-inspired nose treatment, you can bet on that.
street rodder road tour
Flipping through the mag, you'll find an update on Resilience, and the car's honor of being chosen for as the KKOA 777 Crown Award as America's Top Custom! (add to that prestigious award the Elden Titus Memorial Design Award, and you can see why we're still stoked!)
resilience award street rodder
...and finally, look for a review of the Hot Rod Art Book:Masters of Chicken Scratch, which I was honored to be a part of.
hot rod art book
If you haven't grabbed a copy yet, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the volume's SECOND printing, available HERE (as soon as our shipment arrives!).
Thanks to the staff of Street Rodder for the coverage, and a special tip of the hat to the great Tim Foss for the opportunity with the Road Tour car! What a great ride so far...


street source february 2010

Check out our "Shop Tour" in the latest issue of Street Source Magazine, which has enjoyed a rebirth as a full-tilt, online magazine delivering some killer features and exclusive content. HUGE thanks to Justin and his talented team foir the interest, great interview and favorable coverage! Check it out...


truckin january 2010

Originally penned for Calin and his crew at Sport Truck, the "Love Muscle" van found its way to the pages of Truckin'! Dig on the pro-touring style custom van in this month's VS.... To answer the common questions.... yes, it's a Tradesman, it's been chopped, sectioned, widened at the wheels, had the doors extended, and sits atop a one-off tube chassis with mid-mounted Viper power. Those enormously-embiggened (great word, huh?) wheel wells are there by pure need: The original idea was to chase the SMOTY trophy (hey, it's a '72 so it fits the rules) and frightened cones all over the track. Anyone up for the baddest van in the land? Give me a shout...
Thanks again, Dan!! You rule...


charity calendar

I was among the fortunate few to receive an invitation to be a part this year, and am stoked to have a piece featured among my heroes and colleagues, and even dragged legendary hot rod designer Charlie Smith along for the fun, adding a double-shot of Motorburg flavor to the mix! Just like last year 100% OF THE PROCEEDS will go toward buying Hot Wheels and toys for the Detroit Children’s Hospital annual Snow Pile Event. This is a great cause that you surely want to support... and you can certainly understand how incredible it is to see OEM guys giving back. Head on over to their merch store and grab a gift that not only supports a great cause, but gives back twelve times a year with some fantastic artwork! This is a great-quality and big calendar, too, at 11x17 with thick card stock and full bleed printing. Very high quality indeed, and with art from guys like Scott Robertson, yours truly, Micah Jones, Raza Bashir, Mark Weaver, Dustin Shedlarski, Wayne Manista, Charlie Smith, Dwayne Vance, Arvind Ramkrishna, and Sangyup Lee, it's a virtual "who's who" of OEM and hot rod design and artistry! Certainly a future collectible...


autoblogger december 2009

One of our recent articles snagged a feature slot on the automotive blogging juggrnaut, with our continuing feature on the ISCA Championship-winning Mistress custom AMC Javelin ...


popular hot rodding december 2009

If you check out this month's issue, you'll find a few of my pieces scattered around the "20 Affordable Project Cars" feature, highlighting the potential of some models...


truckin magazine issue 12

A long while back, I got a call from Dan Ward at Truckin' Magazine, and he was stoked about his recent acquisition of a '63 F1-100 Unibody pickup project. We chatted for a while about his plans, which were slick and clean, and would rely on serious rolling stock to make a statement. Long story short, I threw my thoughts on the table, and away we went...
Fast-forward a bit, and Dan has unfortunately sold the project off, but he wasmore than gracious in thanking me once more for the time we played with the concept. Sincerest thanks, man... It was one hell of a nice thing to do, and I've been showing off that page to everyone. Thanks for the boost!
Naturally, here's hoping that someone can use the ideas in that design on their own ride... the rear pn alone would be a test of any fabricator's skills, but oh-so worth it.
Pick up a copy of the issue, and enjoy our good pal Dave's feature as well on "Shortie", his bright yellow C-10... it's clean, slick, in-your-face, and looks like a cartoon come to life.


SEMA news november 2009 sema show issue

"Resilience" was announced in the SEMA News SEMA Show isue as being the displayed vehicle for Classic Instruments (look for it in Hot Rod Alley, booth #23487). We're stoked to have the car in Las Vegas for the week, and couldn't be happier to have it there as part of Classic Instruments! Be sure to check it out, and get a good look at the killer work that our friends at Classic put into making the gauge pod! These guys took a concept and my gauge face artwork, and made it into something light years beyond special.
Huge congrats to Tim and Carrie Strange, and especially Erik and Paul Hansen (the car's partners in ownership), and let's not forget Dave Neal (oh yeah-- you can see his '68 C-10 at SEMA as well, thanks to the good folks at Vintage Air) and Shawn Ray, two guys who put HUGE hours into the build...


hub garage feature

How often do you open your email and find that you've been featured in a newsletter for one of the largest social networks in the world? (I mean except for that time you ranted -- and posted the video -- about your underwear stain issues?) I was fortunate to learn the answer to that question this very day: Not too often.... but it's pretty freakin' cool!
We were in the "Member Spotlight" (which, I'll admit, sounds like some kind of a montage they might put together at the adult film industry's version of the Academy Awards, but it's cooler, and has better visuals) of the weekly newsletter, and it's a huge honor indeed. We've been there since there were only a handful of folks on, and now, by golly, there are thousands and thousands! If you're not already... get on there!

Thanks again, guys... just too cool.


hot rod november

I was stoked to get the call from Dennis and Debbie that the mighty DeSoto had hit Hot Rod Magazine! I've been working with the Taylor's on their '53 wagon, and our pal Christopher Campbell was kind enough to throw in a pic of the car and the rendering in this issue (a few pages after a shot of Scott Sullivan's old Chevy II, no less... AND the Sullivan-bvuilt Henry J... SWEET!). The project is moving along, and the car should floor everyone when it hits. Great project, super-talented and fun builder and family, and as always, a thill to be in one of the magazines that influenced me in my youth (and extended youth!)!


hot rod and restoration

Our good pal and uber-client Tim Strange was featured this issue with a Restorer Profile, and a nice look into his views on running a business and staying competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. All expected, given his skill and vision... what was unexpecte, however, were the kind words and plug he threw my way... Simply killer, and truly a sign that my work is appreciated!

Congrats to Tim and Carrie for the press, and while we're at it, stop by Tim's slick new site at!


r-n-c cover

I'm a big fan of "subtle", and in this month's R-n-C, you can grab an eyefull of subtlety via Dick and Cindy Long's '50 Olds, which I had the pleasure of rendering some time back with our good friend Zane Cullen of Cotati Speed Shop.
oldsmobile rendering
It's one of those cars that just blows you away in the details... from the fit and finish, to the ever-so-slightly modified sheetmetal parts, it's a work of art through and through!
Speaking of being a work of art, I also enjoyed the creative challenge in creating the show signage for the car, which we decided upon a "museum information card" look, keeping with the car's simple appeal...
show card design
A blast of a project indeed, and here's hoping you'll check it out, and enjoy the tremendous impact that a little restraint can bring!


pro-touring firebird article

Our good friend Blake's '69 Firebird, Project Phoenix nailed a feature in this month's PHR, and rightfully so! We're stoked for the man from the Lone Star state, and think you'll dig on the car as much as we do.

blake launch
Blake truly turned a pile of ashes into something incredible, and isn't afraid to thrash on the 'Bird when free time allows, blasting down the strip and running it hard on the street as well. I had the pleasure of working on a rendering for the project...

incorporating Blake's unique modifications and sensibilities to create a clean, functional and beautiful car that performs as well as it looks. ...and dig on that Studio PCK decal in the back window, too!
pck decal
Thanks, Blake... and congrats again, man... good on ya!


resilience feature

Resilience returns to Rod and Custom this month in finished form!
We were stoked when the rendering was a part of the "Dream Car of the Month" column at the start of the year, and we get to follow that with Mike Chase's fabulous studio shots of the mighty Buick, along with Tim Bernsau's great feature editorial. I was floored when I read the peice, and extremely thankful to Erik, Paul, Tim and Carrie for including my name in the article as they did... It was a pleasure just to be a part of it all.
Two guys who were left from the article (however it happened), but without whom this car would have never made the Pomona debut are Dave Neal and Shawn Ray, two remarkably talented builders and dedicated friends. These guys busted their behinds to make it all come together, sacrificing weekends, nights, comfort and time with family to see it through, and were an integral part of the fun and success of the big copper barge. Thanks, guys... amazing work.
And thanks, as always, to the staff at Rod and Custom Magazine for the coverage and support!


desert motors magazine july august 2009

This feature gets bonus points because it's a local publication, and then you just have to heap additional praise upon it as it promotes local businesses, websites and more! Too cool.
Patrick has given me a shout after reading a blog post I had written on Craig's site,, and wanted to run the story in his magazine... Awesome!

5 things article

desert motors feature

The article highlights five important steps to consider when hiring a hot rod designer, and hopefully, it helps first-time builders avoid some pitfalls, and get a great start on their projects.
Suffice to say, it was very well done, and my hat is off to our new friend Patrick. If you get a chance, check out his magazine and site! Big thanks, too, to Tim at Strange Motion, and my incredible clients Erik and Paul Hansen!


cruisin magazine

We're officially big in Japan!
Resilience was shot in Sacto, and grabbed six pages in the kick-ass Japanese title Cruisin' Magazine! We are flat-out stoked, and the response to the car overseas has been nothing short of amazing. I'm absolutely floored by it, and still can't get over how incredible Tim's work is on the car. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, we had a great team in the shop with Tim, Shawn and Dave, and I honestly could never ask for a better car owner team than Erik and Paul Hansen. Simply an amazing experience and time, and be sure to scrape up a copy on the Cruisin' Magazine site, or from the good folks at Mooneyes


5 things

Pike had contacted me to be one of the first to write a "5-Things" article over on, and I was stoked. He was starting this new series, looking to bridge the gap between informative and entertaining, with articles that would give readers an education on automotive topics straight from industry pro's.
I was chosen to write about the five most important steps when selecting a hot rod designer to illustrate and design a hot rod project... From renderings and style to the technical know-how and communication involved, I think I tackled it all, and hopefully gave aspiring builders a firm grasp on the importance of this step, and a confidence to go out and select the right talent for the job.
Check out this article and many, many more on MyRideIsMe!


benchrace e-zine

Robert over at Benchrace E-Zine got a hold of me some time back, and asked if I'd like to be a part of his online magazine, and I couldn't help but say yes after checking out what he's got going on there!
Suffice to say, he threw us 5 full spreads (10 pages!), and made my work look great. It was a fun story, and it was a tremendous opportunity to pay homage to the artist and friend who inspired me to take this path some twenty years ago, Mr. Charlie Smith!
A great read, and hell, you can even sign up to win a print of mine (signed and numbered, no less), or even a set of wheels for your ride! Check it out!


phr magazine

Project Sick seconds hits the pages again this month, detailing the general specs, as well as giving a quick look at the composite body, tube chassis, and even the drastic measures taken to shave weight (mill the engine block, anyone?).
Look for more updates soon, as well as the official debut in GearVendor's booth at SEMA


street rodder magazine

Resilience hit more pages this month, appearing in Street Rodder's coverage of the Grand National Roadster Show... as well as two ads! See the gauge panel in Classic Instruments' ad, as well as the car itself in Flowmaster's new ad (along with Tim "I'm smiling inside" Strange).
What's great about the coverage in the magazine is multi-layered. First off, the great Jerry Weesner took time to make mention of my work on the car, and printed a tremendous compliment to our team. This is especially grand for me, as I was cutting my teeth in the trenches while reading his amazing editorial in Custom Rodder so many years ago, and to have the man type my name with praise is unreal. Second, the appearance of the car in ads is surreal, as, in some ways, it's still those lines on paper on my board...It's still hard to imagine that this is a running, driving machine these days. Third, this all falls in line with coverage of the 60th GNRS, and the references to the Hall of Fame Luncheon stir memories, as I was fortunate to have attended. Lastly, a flip to the back of the mag presents us with the "20 years ago" feature, and the June '89 issue was the first copy of Street Rodder I ever purchased... Who knew??!
In any event, thank you to Mr. Weesner for taking time to enjoy the mighty Buick, and congrats to Tim, Erik and Paul on the continued success of the car
! CAR SERIES, APRIL 10, 2009

1-up logo

I am still stoked about this interview.... Noe V. had given me a shout a few months back to take part in a series on cars and automotive artists, and I was shocked just to get the call. I nearly slipped into a catatonic sate when he threw in the other names involved as well... George Trosley, Thom Taylor, Rohan Day, Dwayne Vance and more.... how cool is THAT??! VERY.
What's fantastic about this interview is that the questions were detailed, insightful, and just had a great flow... and most mportantly, Noe listened to the answres, and kept the facts straight and true. No misrepresentation, fluff... it was all about the art, the "why" beind it, and a very slick tie-in with playing some video games (which has become my favorite way to blow off steam recently -- it's surprisingly stimulating, mentally-speaking).
Anyway, Noe's interview and series are incredible, and it was an honor to be involved, to say the least! Check out the interview HERE, and then get lost on that site and community for a few hours... there's a TON of great information there!
Thanks again, Noe... Amazing work, my friend, and truly an honor!


popular hot rodding

I'm part of a designer's overview, featuring 10 of us in the field, highlighting what we offer, and a glimpse into our techniques and methods.


magazine cover hot rod

The promo for "Sick Seconds", the incredible project 1969 Camaro drag car currently being put together with the great folks at ProRides ran again this month, this time with an updated shot of the under-construction chassis (by the talented guys at SunCoast!). We're stoked about the car, amazed at its progress, and thankful, as always, to our friends at Hot Rod... look for this monster to take to the streets and track in 2010!


rod and custom magazine

Talk about timing... "Resilience" the full-custom '52 Buick I was fortunate to pen and design with the incredible team of Tim Strange, Erik and Paul Hansen, appears as the "Dream Car of the Month"! ...OK, the rendering does, but that's the fun of the Dream Car column!
The actual car debuted last weekend in Pomona at the 60th Grand National Roadster Show, and was well-received... We had a blast, and I finally got to spend some time with Kevin Lee and Tim Bernsau from the magazine, versus the usual phone and email contact.
I'm also stoked to be able to share some print with the tremendously talented and great friend Jimmy Smith, who penned a killer article on building a slick budget-minded Model A! Thanks again to the guys at R-n-C for making my work look good, and to my clients for their support and faith in my vision... this was truly a phenominal project, and I'm fortunate to call some great folks friends!


hot rod magazine

A nifty little announcement of "Resilience" hit the pages of Street Rod Builder Magazine this month, along with the orginal concept art. The write-up was flattering, and we can't thank the folks at Buckaroo for their support and coverage of this unique car! It was a fun project, a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of creative and energetic people, and the finished product is truly something we are all proud of! The mighty Buick's best days are yet to come, so stay tuned!


hot rod magazine

ProRides' public announcement of Sick Seconds hit the new Hot Rod Magazine, marking what may be the first of many updates on this amazing piece of race machinery!
This is hot on the heels of the rolling chassis making a debut at PRI over a month ago... the excitement surrounding this car is building, and we're psyched to be a part of history in the making!


hot rod magazine

After a few false starts, Thunderlane is finally back on track at Fast Eddie Hot Rod Shop, and I'm stoked to be along for the ride! Super Rod Magazine was kind enough to throw a full-page re0intro on the car at Tim and the gang, and as soon as we get the "Projects" area up and running here on the site, you can bet that we'll share photos of this chopped, smoothed and ultra-bitchin' pro-touring machine your way! Look for it at Goodguy's Columbus this year!


january 2009 hr

Continuing our January press coverage theme, I was absolutely stoked to open the January issue of Hot Rod, and see my Monte Carlo funny car design rendering staring back at me from the Letters column! A while back, I had shot the good folks at HR a quick note to say how much I had been enjoying the vintage funny car pics at the back of the magazine, and included a copy of the rendering for kicks... Obviously, they dug it, and so have all of the great folks who have called and emailed me regarding that pic! Thanks to Hot Rod, and everyone for the absolutely great feedback! Anyone up for the challenge of building that beast?!


sport truck

About a year ago, Jeff from Bed Wood and Parts gave me a shout, and we got to disussing custom cars and trucks, and the fact that so few radical customs are built, especially for the SEMA Show. Long story short, we got to throwing ideas around for Jeff's shop project, a '46 Chevy panel delivery, and it all kind of snowballed from there.
Rewind to thye early '90's, and at the time, I was cruising my college and work special, an '82 Chevy Scottsdale and reading Sport Truck religiously, plotting changes for the long bed, and sketching numerous Bell Tech sport truck-inspired paint schemes... Suffice to say, on my meager earnings and school schedule, the project was sold, but I never got over the sport truck bug. Odd how I owned a Scottsdale, and now live just miles from that city, and am overwhelmed to be in the pagess of that magazine, so many years later!
Huge thanks to Jeff and Bryan at Bed Wood and Parts for their friendship and faith in my visions (as well as trust in illustrating theirs), and to Calin for putting my work across a couple of pages! I Hope to do this again very soon!


rnc january 09

Certainly one of the coolest projects I've been a part of, I was honored to collaborate with three artists I admire and am fortunate to call friends as Jimmy Smith, Jeff Norwell, Eric Black and I each worked with two of our professional builder/clients to sketch up THEIR dream cars. To say that this was a blast wouldn't begin to describe the creativity that ran amuck.
The ironic part was that I had deliberately chosen two clients with VERY different styles, and they both threw me a curve ball when they chose very similar cars (but designed in very different ways). I won't say much here, as the issue is well worth grabbing a copy, but each of the cars I was fortunate to have drawn has some history... one being a rare model, the other having appeared in American Graffitti!
Suffice to say, I'm honored to have my work on the same pages as these talented artists, not to mention that the cover this month is quite possibly one of the best in the title's history!


sick seconds promo

When Dwayne called and asked for some samples of my work for a book project, I was floored... When he mentioned the names to appear in it, I was speechless... He rounded up Randy Ricklefs, John Bell, James Owens, Eric Brockmeyer, Michael Miernik, Max Grundy, Jimmy Smith, Justin Chin, Thom Taylor, Larry Wood and Steve Stanford! A veritable Who's Who in our industry... and he had asked me to be a part of this... Amazing. Just amazing! To walk amongst giants like this, well... I still have no idea what to say, except "thank you, man". Thanks for the friendship, the support, the laughs, and the honest critiques, which undoubtedly have pushed me harder and further in my craft when it was most needed. Absolutely priceless... (or, at least a bargain... grab a copy HERE!)


sick seconds promo

When the phone rang and I was greeted by Denny Terzich of ProRides, I was floored... A further flooring came when he mentioned that I came highly recommended, it was icing on the cake! Referrals are the lifeline of the Studio, and this had "good day" written all over it.
Suffice to say, I jumped on board with ProRides' latest challenge: To pick up where their 2007 Drag Week-winning '67 Camaro left off, and blast into the 6's. Let's repeat that, shall we? THE SIXES. My part of the mission: Create a rendering to accompany the press release, and appear with the rolling chassis' debut at PRI. A couple of late nights later, and we were off and running.
Needless to say, the project has already caused a stir, and the uber-cool and hero of mine, David Freiburger ran a quick tongue and cheek intro on his blog... And made my day with his more-than-kind words on my work... Thanks man! Anyway, look for project updates in Hot Rod Magazine, and a forthcoming Build Book from the good folks at Motorbooks International! 2010 will see an orange and gunmetal flash into the 6's! Can you tell I'm a bit stoked about this?!


r-n-c cover

rnc alternate

By now, you know of my love and respect for R-n-C, and when you get the chance to pull multiple appearances each year, well, it just gets better and better!
This month's Dream Car is one that Tim B. at the magazine and I had discussed well over a year ago, and it finally found its way through the back woods, and onto, ironically, something that used to be wood. Anyway, I had thrown together a '53 Ford concept, based on a moonshine runner, but, naturally.... with a twist! It's traditional, it's modern, and by golly, it's sliding across some red clay in the moonlight, with the law in hot pursuit. It's a favorite of mine, and has a serious comic book style, which isn't too surprising, as that's been where I'm at the past few dozen months... grab a copy, and enjoy. Thanks again, Tim and Kevin!



I got a call from the very cool and knowledgeable Jason Sakurai over the summer, and even shared a lunch of south-of-the-border staple foods... We hadd a great talk about the industry, and where it may all be heading, and suffice to say, it all kind of wraps up neatly in the October issue!
It's great to be in there with friends and heroes alike, and Jasson chose a couple of my recent pieces to feature alongside my ramblings... Needless to say, good times, man... good times! Thanks for your time, hospitrality and friendship, Jason!


my ride is me

I am fortunate to have made some great friends in my years on this planet, and the uber-cool and good-natured Craig at has been very good to the mighty Studio, throwing a bone my way from time to time... This time he picked up my experiment in 3D, creating a one-image anaglyph from a piece I had been fortunate to have seen published in Rod and Custom Magazine... (and if you're "in the know", anaglyphs normally require two images, shot a few degrees off from one another... this was no small task to create from one illustration... so break out the red and cyan glasses and enjoy!) I'm just beyond stoked that Craig "gets" it like he does, and extremely thankful for the coverage and opportunities! You the man, Pikesan!


chevy classics

I had received a call from Nick Licata (via our friend Steven Rupp) a little while back, regarding a rendering, and behold, it's on shelves now as a part of Super Chevy's "Chevy Classics" Annual! This is great, not only because I get the chance to show some forward-thinking ideas, but being a part of the whole Super Chevy history is HUGE to me personally. Growing up, the first magazine I had a subscription to was Super Chevy, and it fueled many a dream car in my imagination, most notably tri-fives! Obviously, I'm stoked to share my vision of an alternate take on the Projext X theme (which, ironically, is the cover car!) with some very modern and traditional ideas thrown in for some '56 Chevy stew. Grab a copy before 11/4, when they leave the shelves, and thanks again, Steven and Nick!


truckin magazine

I love throwing ideas around, especially when the person listening is completely open to new things. Such was the case a few months back when Dan Ward over at Truckin' contacted me about designing his personal project (more on that in the future), and we got to talking a bit. I had been working up a concept with my friends Tim and Craig, based on the old Datsun 510 Trans Am cars, and, well, that monster wound up in this month's Radical Renderings, along with the Ford F-100 that Tim over at Fast Eddie Hot Rod Shop had me whip up. It's always fun to supply some lines for that column, and I hope you'll check it out! Thanks again, Dan!


rod & custom

I absolutely love creating artwork for the "Dream Car of the Month" in Rod and Custom Magazine. I dig it because it's not only the magazine I grew up dreaming of being published in, but the project affords a completely open-ended spectrum of creativity. For this go-round, I took the "dream" part literally, and scoured my subconscious for wild ideas.... What came from it all is a mish-mash of A/FX, gasser, funny car, street machine... You kinda have to see it to believe it.
As always, my sincerest gratitude to Mr. Bernsau and Mr. Lee for another spectacular opportunity! (and BTW, grab this issue even if you hate dream-inspired mash-up cars... the features this month are INCREDIBLE!!)


american rodder

Some time back, the good folks at Redneck Street Rods had contacted me to create a rendering for their new '33 Cabster bodies, which are an amazing design statement, based upon the '33/'34 Ford Cabriolet, but with some well-thought changes.
Suffice to say, our friends at Redneck opted to announce the release of the new bodies in American Rodder, and they were kind enough to throw in a shout to me, as well as my rendering. Thanks, Tim!


the world of rods

Being part opf anything up-and-coming is always a great and special thing, especially in an industry like this. Fortunately, I'm part of yet another, as the kind and talented Rich Boyd, editor of The World of Rods Magazine. took time to piece together a flattering profile on me, and some of my work! Check out the title, and watch as it grows... it's promising to be a great magazine, with some real variety...PCK Studio approved, to be certain!
Thanks again, Rich.... we'll be reading faithfully.


readers rides

Tom's wagon graced the pages one more time in Hot Rod, this time, appearing in their annual Reader's Rides issue, capturing the pick for "Best Buick". What more can be said about a killer, home-built wagon that gets some serious street use? Just that, again, I'm stoked to have been a part of the project, and thanks again for the mention, Tom!


chevy rumble

Wayne and Pam's Monte Carlo project got a little more ink this month by way of a press release, formally introducing the project. The car is a 1972 Monte Carlo that the fabulous duo behind M and M Hot Rod Interiors ( have owned since '84, and I was fortunate to have been given the nod to design a killer mild custom/pro-touring car from, and I think we really nailed something unique, and is a great match for their dynamic personalities and slick stich work.
Look for more on this monster soon!


truck builder

Project "On the Run", a joint efffort with the good folks over at Bed Wood and Parts, got its first release into the press this month, showcasing the rendeering. The project, based on a '46 Chevy Delivery, promises to bring on some serious attention with the chop and section job, as well as a radical interior, and a blown/injected engine with a green thumb... The theme behind the concept is a street machine/custom that has its roots in the old moonshine runners of yesterday (...and that's why it runs on E-85... alcohol, basicaally!) Progressive? Yep. Able to run? Certainly. Can't wait to see it done? Me neither!


wally parks

A bittersweet issue, to be certain... Freiburger's last with the title, and Tom's wagon makes a second appearance, this time not only finished, but chosen as "Best Buick" by the HR staff for their "Homebuilt Heros", celebrating the "Finest Owner-Built Hot Rods in America"! We're always happy to see both Tom and the wagon, and flat-out stoked to see it gain such accolades! Congrats, Tom, and enjoy the jacket!



A double-shot this issue! I was fortunate to land not only a Dream Car of the Month slot again (thanks, Steve!), but the coolest part was seeing Rod's '55 Chevy project granted a page in the "Under Construction" column! The car is pretty near and dear around the Studio, and a cooler car owner/builder you'd be hard-pressed to find. Check it out, and see more on Rod's ride HERE!

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