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1956 Buick
currenly under construction @ Rad Rides by Troy

Another Rad Rides project that I am fortunate to be involved with is this '56 two-door sedan Buick.

It's another of those deceptively mild cars that makes the most of what the factory gave it, and cleans up what the factory went nuts on.

A lot of paint tricks (like the dark window frames and paneled inserts around the trim) are textbook, but the stock hubcap-inspired one-off wheels open new territory, as do the shortened bumper ends (opened to feed the twin-turboed Nailhead... sweet!), sunken hood spear and countless other little things.

If you're ready to commission some heavy-duty concept art for your next project, but don't want the same-old, same-old, or some re-hashed model or line art, give me a call to get rolling.
  rad rides buick
67 chevelle  
High Desert Chevelle
A Christmas gift portrait

One of my favorite kinds of project usually hits but once a year, and with a pretty good fury. Such was the case this past season, when a supremely talented photographer and friend approached me about penning some art for her boyfriend's Christmas gift.

He'd been dreaming of a '67 Chevelle that mixes street machine and pro-touring flavors, and has a thing for matte and satin paint finishes, and we put our heads together with family members to eek out the little details, and made sure they got into the art.

The result is one of those fun sketches that just ran away with itself. Combining his youth in the high desert with the car of his dreams, I doodled an aggressive A-body with a tough stance, and a mix of matte and satin finishes, contrasting the stripes with some orange for a little desert "pop". Holler at me if you'd like to have something similar created for your loved one.

More Mustard
currently under construction @ FastLane Hot Rods

There is something incredibly fun about meeting up with and working with not only someone whose work you thoroghly admire, but who shares an affinity for the sublime. Such is the case with Dave Lane.

We were introduced by a mutual friend at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, and when Dave gave a shout a few weeks later, I was stoked.

Playing with color is always fun, and while what's shown here isn't the final combo (secrets are fun sometimes, too), it's close. We toyed with many combos, and "bold with a splash of quiet time" won out on this low-key and supremely detailed and well-stanced deuce.
  deuce coupe
interior design sketch  
Interior Design
stitch-ready designs

I'm fortunate to be able to convey ideas through drawings, and with a background in life drawing, I've been able to take my talents and draw just about anything. This discipline is invaluable when sketching interiors and under-hood comps, and, being a detail freak, drawing hot rod guts is plain fun.

This was for a full-on 1956 Chevy project, and I went ballistic on details (you can read the gauges in full-size view, as well as see the knurling on the knobs).

Whether you're going mild or wild on your project, give me a shout to sketch your next award winner.

Funny Monte
a fantasy doodle session

When time allows, I like to throw down ideas that have been running around in my head... and this beast was rampaging in my cerebral cortex for over two decades before it hit paper in 2007.

I have a thing for second-gen Montes, as well as funny cars. By golly, why not combine them?

Mickey Thompson campaigned a Pontiac of similar vintage, yet the Monte never saw the full funny treatment. It seems a natural, with that long nose, sweeping fender lines and short deck (with aggressive quarter panel bulk).

The kicker here is that I envision this thing to be a street-ready ride, with functional doors and some creature comforts. Do-able? Certainly. Imagine wheeling this odd rod around the autocross! Combine equal parts aggression with nostalgia drag fever, trick panel paint and fun, and enjoy the madness.
  monte carlo funny car
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