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1950 Chevy Pickup
currenly under construction @ Insane Kustoms

Local jobs are always fun, and this mild-looking Chevy was no exception. Thanks to our good pal Dan at Truckin' Magazine, I was hooked up with Justin from Insane Kustoms to pen a quick view of his latest, a super-clean '50 Chevy.

Lightly de-chromed, sitting just right, and combining classic good looks with modern running gear, this blue wonder should be hitting the streets soon.
  rad rides impala
67 chevelle  
Late-Models, Too!
SEMA proposal renderings a specialty!

I always enjoy SEMA proposal season, as it's a blast to take newer rides, and create show-stoppers.

I've enjoyed the great fortune of working with some of the top companies in the industry, and Kicker Car Audio never fails to bring exciting ideas to the table.

This was a Raptor-inspired, extended cab F-150 that got the usual Kicker attitude, and I had a blast loading it with a ton of small details.

Class 8 Bronco
currently under construction @ Flatiron Speed Shop

I draw a lot more than just super-slammed hot rods, in fact, I made a living for some time in the off-road industry, and have a soft-spot for prerunners and trophy trucks. When this Bronco project called, I was stoked.

So here we have the classic late-70's Bronco, complete with retro-looking wide front fenders, widened rear quarters, and a light stretch behind the doors. This Class-8 bruiser is loaded with modern goodies, and supports a great cause, the Blue Ribbon Coalition.

The truck is nearing completion, and is certain to be a blast to watch race!
  class 8 race truck
Model A pickup  
throwing ideas around for a pal

I am fortunate to call some of the most talented folks in the industry friends, and Lawrence is one of those mighty souls. Between his binging and puging of more projects than we have room to list here, he's been building a Model A pickup for his Dad, and I am fortunate enough to be his hired wrist.

This little beast has already seen a ton of changes, from the extended cab (in the doors, as well as the cab corners), pushed-forward front suspension and firewall, the extended aprons and running boards (angled to further exaggerate the angle-chopped roof), it all just begged for some root beer and black paint.

The Nailhead shown here has already given way to a Pontiac 389, and a seriously original wheel treatment... Not to say that this pairing wasn't cool or anything... Stay tuned. It's gonna be insane.

1940 Merc
currently under construction

This was a fun car to play with, as the '40 is an iconic ride to begin with, and doing something traditional, yet unique presents a number of challenges when working with such a revered body style.

This particular version shows a lot of the ideation stage, with loose sketches feeling out profiles, and even possible convertible top options.

There are mild touches galore, from the one-off bumpers to the fenders extended and flowing into the doors, the hardtopped roof, extended hood, reworked trim and more.
  1940 merc kustom
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