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Runnin' With It
a warmed-over bird of prey

One of the most potential-loaded models in our humble opinion, and certainly one of the most overlooked are the early-1970's
B-body cars.

And, as the style moved into the middle of the decade, the appeal is still there, just requiring some imagination.

Taking the '71-style front fender openings, and grafting them into the later cars does wonders for keeping things balanced, front to rear, and playing a bit with that big bumper offers a much more aggressive face to back up the proposed supercharged, late-model mill. A subtle take on the classic bold color palette, a mean stance and some serious tire underneath, and the recipe is a winner. We couldn'tbe happier with them, and you'll be proud to show it off in your office, man cave, showroom or shop.

18 x 24-inch
80 lb. coated cover stock
Bold colors
Absolutely stunning finish
Signed by the artist upon request
please allow 2 weeks delivery time
(web address DOES NOT appear on print)

$19.00/ea + shipping

  custom road runner illustration

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