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'Shine Runner
a moonshine-running time-traveling custom

I have this unholy fascination with Moonshine Runners, which started in my youth. The simplest of hot rodding ethics (irony?) is what these cars embody: Stuffing the biggest engine into the most unassuming of cars, and running for your life. Sure, NASCAR grew from the idea, but I'm more of a "Car of Yesterday" kinda guy.

I took a '53 Ford and went ape on it. My idea was a fictional scenario wherein our 'Shine-running pal has found the key to time travel, and brought back a number of upgrades to help his family ply their trade.

Sure, it's a custom, what with that chop, lengthened doors, smoothing and sculpting galore, and that custom grill, with...
What's that? Yep. A Potvin blower front and center. It's also part hot rod, pro-touring and street machine.

It bends genres and styles equally.

Set on a moonlit night with Johnny Law in hot pursuit, it's a great conversation piece!

18 x 24-inch
80 lb. coated cover stock
Bold colors
Absolutely stunning finish
Signed by the artist upon request
please allow 2 weeks delivery time
(web address DOES NOT appear on print)

$19.00/ea + shipping

  shine runner print

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