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The Git-Down Posters
the official c-10 party event posters

Each year, I get to draw the official
poster for Dino's C-10 party, aka
the Chevy-Only Git-Down, held in
Phoenix, AZ. And each year, I
make it a point to out-do myself.

Scoop up this year's, or fill a hole in your
collection... Heck, start a collection today!

They will look great in your garage, shop,
den, office, man cave, weird little
tree house where you pretend to be
a superhero, whatever.

A truly great gift for the C-10 fanatic!

These are offered in a "get 'em while
they last" manner, as quantities
are limited, so act fast!

18 x 24-inch
80 lb. coated cover stock
Bold colors
Absolutely stunning finish
Signed by the artist upon request
please allow 2 weeks delivery time

Dino's C-10 Party 2011 Poster
2011 c10 party poster
$50.00/ea + shipping

Dino's C-10 Party 2012 Poster

2012 dino c10 party poster

$50.00/ea + shipping

Delmo's Drop-In 2012 Poster

2012 delmo open house poster

$50.00/ea + shipping

Dino's C-10 Party 2013 Poster

2013 dino c-10 poster

$50.00/ea + shipping

Dino's C-10 Party 2014 Poster

2014 dino c10 party poster

$50.00/ea + shipping

  2011 git down poster
2012 c-10 party poster

2012 delmo drop-in poster
2013 dino c-10 party poster

2014 c10 party poster

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