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We explore the Detroit AutoRama, and discover that 2013 is a VERY strong year for Ridler Award competition.
2013 detroit autorama coverage 3.7.2013
Filed under Events > The 61st Annual Detroit AutoRama
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We have a guy. He has a camera. See what he does in Detroit.

We got to talking about the 61st Annual Detroit AutoRama, and when the schedule (and the workload that comes with it) dictated, among other contributing factors, to my not making the show, our pal Josh stepped up to the plate, and offered the greatest solution: He'd wander the show floor during set-up, and grant us a first-hand look at the cars.

This is brilliant on a few levels. First, we'd have ample time to check out the coolest new cars, well before anyone else. Second, we could discuss the potential Great 8 cars, and see just where the bar is set this year (which, I have to say, is pretty damned high), and third, you, oh valued visitor to the Problem Child Kustoms Studio website (and its affiliated social network pages and so-on), get a FIRST look at the cars as they are set up on the floor.

  a flock of ridler award winners
The plan, then, is to post-up some pics as they come in, get a close look, and continually add to the coverage as the weekend rolls on. What does that mean for you? That means that you'll have to check in here to see the cool stuff as it comes in (and well before anyone else has it!), as well as on the Facebook page. We'll have some exclusive images that will be on this page only, so get that bookmark button nice and toasty.

foose ridler winner detroit autorama

Another shot of some past Ridler winners.

ridler award winners circle

The Gil Losi '61 Bubbletop by Steve Cook Creations...

(click on the images to see them, well, bigger and whatnot)

steve cook 1961 chevy

2000+ horsepower. Thank you, twin turbos.

twin turbo engine

A Hupmobile.

We have a love for these things, and the color combo is dead-nuts on. A striking car with some well thought-out changes.

detroit autorama hupmobile

...and how about some 1946 Buick action, courtsey of Garret's Rod Shop in Columbus, Ohio? With changes galore (from the flipped bumper with extra grille teeth beneath) to the Harley headlamps and PT Cruiser convertible top (and uniquely-integrated rollbar), it's a mix of styles with some modern flair. And just the sort of car that makes you re-live the old indoor car show days. Our pal Mike Lomaka had a hand in the early design stages, and we're pulling for a strong finish on this one. Good on all involved with this one.

46 buick detroit autorama

garret buick detroit

custom 1946 buick detroit

...and what Detroit Autorama would be complete without Greening Auto Company putting together something clean and tasty?

greening corvette detroit

Walking that fine line between sleek custom and full-on nasty, this thing is loaded with Greening's signature touches, and loads of superior-quality brightwork, handled expertly (once again) by our pals over at Advanced Plating.

greening auto company corvette

A slick-as-all-get-out 1940 Ford by Cal Auto Creations in Omaha? Why, yes.

detroit autorama 2013 40 ford

Details GALORE on this thing!

1940 ford detroit autorama 2013

blown flathead

detroit autorama 40 ford

From the wild and detail-loaded, one-off, super-high end builds to the clean and simple cruisers, the show has something for everyone.

merc wagon detroit

...and this thing is just slick:

caddy detroit


Darryl Hollenbeck. Dave Shuten. 1960's show car inspiration. What more do you need?

The 'Iron Orchid' has just about every trick in the old-school book thrown at it, and takes the golden age of show rods into beautifully detailed territory. The brightwork is via our good friends over at Advanced Plating, and it's just perfect on the car.

This is one of those cars which keep the magic era of indoor shows alive.

dave shuten iron orchid

While it's not everyone's cup of tea, we dig it here in the Studio. All of the cool touches are in all of the right places, and those tinted plexi hood sides? Outstanding.

hollenbeck panel paint

Here's another of those 'exclusive' shots, thanks to Josh:

About as close to the car as one can get, and certainly the first of this angle you'll see online through the weekend. Dig the detail, and the incredible dexterity and control over the spray to land the fade so consistently. Awe-inspiring to say the least.

1960s show rod paint

...and on the opposite end of that color festival, how about Fred Warren's new '32 in bare steel? Love the stance and the line through the car... Not so sure on the hood side louver angle, but you never know... It could grow on me.

bare steel 1932 coupe

The Nova. It's been the canvas for many, many street machine and mild custom projects over the years, and this one seems to take a number of pages from the book, and throw a few twists and turns into the build. Working some Earthy tones, and crafting a very cool offset on the smoothie wheel trend, this '69 is easy on the eyes, to be certain.

1969 nova detroit autorama

The gang over at Samson Design in Marshall, Missouri have continued on their path, drafting a style that's part high-tech and part visionary...

nova engine detroit autorama

The interior deviates from the old '61 dash in a musclecar-era ride, and opts instead for some tri-five style. Not sure if we're feeling it, but the craftsmanship appears to be first-rate, and the use of color is outstanding and subtle at once.

samson nova interior detroit autorama

'Quicksilver', a '57 Chevy pickup from Hot Rod Garage of Sand Springs, OK, and owned by Alan Beers. Very, very slick... and wait'll you see the dash.


quicksilver chevy cluster


quicksilver chevy back

The always-crafty guys at RPM Hot Rods threw down this killer '54 Buick:

rpm hot rods buick detroit autorama

...and how about this slick '63 Nova drop-top?!

63 nova ragtop detroit autorama

A '58 New Yorker with some heavy Bellflower influences is right up our alley:

kustom 1958 new yorker

I have a BIG soft-spot for first-gen Chargers, and this '66 by Korek Designs? Absolutely smooth, right-on, and perfect in all ways.

charger detroit autorama

A few years back, I doodled a bunch of ideas for this '56 Buick as it was hitting the shop at Rad Rides by Troy... and here it is, hitting the show floor in Detroit:

rad rides buick detroit

troy buick autorama

We'll be updating as photos come in and time allows, so be sure to check back in throughout the weekend... Stay tuned as the days inch closer and closer to the announcement of the Great 8, and the magic moment when the 2013 Don Ridler Memorial Award is bestowed upon the best of the best...

...and check out 2013's Great 8 HERE.


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